What really happened there

20 of december, year 2, Post-Covid Era

It's my home office, a made-up room under the roof, built with steel and cardboard book-shelves. Wood and stones for the ceiling and the walls. A big table with three screens and four computers, hundreds of books on the shelves, a Corto Maltese calendar, a colorful wooden chinese dragon flying over my head, and a Goth Cthulhu plush looking over me. The roof window of the adjacent room isn't closed, even through the cold of december, for air circulation.

As it turns out, a window, while still being good for air circulation, is also good for letting monstrosities from outer-space into your home. We're not talking about your friendly neighborhood glamorous Ann Rice's vampire who needs to ask for permisson to come in here. Those brain suckers don't ask for permission. Ever.

The migo landed on the roof, with a strange clunck. I thought that it might probably not be a tile from the neighboring house roof breaking and falling onto mine. I was right. Sadly. Then the roof window screamed, and something whent splotch through it. It was a wet and screechy sound, followed by a loud thud. The beast was afoot. I was scared to death.

Then I got up to look. This might have been a dumb mistake, but I don't really think I could have hidden in the only place lit on the whole house. I clearly lost some sanity here. But as it turned out, that was the least of my problems for the time being.

The creature looked unsteady when afoot. Or should I say aclaw ? with its head like a tentacled mushroom, its six chitinous arms, or legs, with crab-like claws, its long and thick exoskelotonic tail. Oh, and its mouth, complete with spider fangs. The creature looked like some green and blue fire was burning inside it, irradiating a very strange light, which gave a different meaning to the usual relief patterns created by our kind of lights. My eyes, my brain even wasn't quite ready for interpreting what information it perceived.

It is really amazing how, in those kind of moments, our brain is able to take everything into account in a split second, and presenting us with comprehensive patterns. But when something unknown happens to us, we have multiple overlapping and contradictory patterns for some of the things we are perceiving, and we try to make sense of them. Here, I had no pattern. Nothing came up except partial perceptions, like what I wrote about legs, head, mouth, those are only parts, incomplete. The whole of the experience is still eluding me now, ten days later.

And if you wonder why I'm taking so much time describing what I can't describe, it is mostly because what happened next was really fast and simple. The beast killed me. I don't know how, I don't remember it even moving, the last image I have in my memory is the Mi-Go through the door frame, resplendant and terrifying, looking at me, thinking at me, its attention fully drawn to me.

Then I was conscious. I had a moment of panic because I had no perceptions of anything. Nothing from my eyes, my skin, my muscles, anything. I wasn't even breathing, which almost suffocated me. We'll it couldn't really because I already had no body a this time. And I began to feel a few external things. Like new limbs, or new organs, or new senses. Information coming in, and maybe the possibility of informations going out. I did the sensible thing there : I screamed. By the whole power of my brain, I screamed through every channel I found for sending informations, I saturated my outgoing nerve connections with the idea of an angry profanity, hoping it would take form somewhere, and tell the world around about my current state of revolt and indignation.

To this day, I still have no idea what amounted of this attempt. I just knwo that the response came in very different fashions from unknwon sensory canals, and I hurt, stopped screaming, and mostly stopped hurting. Think of it as probably screaming loudly enough that you hurt your vocal cords, and your ears, and your lungs. Not like someone was kicking me in the mouth so I stopped.